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The Good Dog Academy

“The Essence of Professional Dog Training is to create happier homes.”

At The Good Dog Academy, you will learn how to successfully work with your pet by feeding their good traits with love and praise and starving their undesired traits with consistency and patience.


The Good Dog’s Academy’s mission is helping you accomplish your goal! The Good Dog Academy works to accomplish these goals by customizing a unique training plan with your dog’s specific needs in mind in conjunction with your own specific

The Good Dog Academy offers a full-service line of dog training services with a natural, holistic easily understood approach to the canine behavior. A well trained dog provides years and years of pleasure and unconditional love. Ex-police dog trainer and certified dog lover, Gary Adams will provide the most effective dog training experience possible!


We specialize in all phases of dog behavior…

  • Basic and Advanced Obedience
  • Obedience Class
  • Boot Camp-in our home
  • Custom designed Consultations
  • Private lessons
  • Personal Protection services
  • Problem solving:
    • Stop dog/people aggressive behavior
    • Nipping/Chewing
    • Pulling on leash
    • Jumping up on people
    • Running Away
    • In-appropriate barking
    • House-breaking


Your dog’s first session is a 1/2 hour consultation with Gary – AT NO CHARGE!

Call 404-822-5845 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.

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